Dean Message

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate and may peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, the master of mankind and the savior of humanity. I would like to welcome you to in this site for the Faculty of Meteorology, Environment, and Arid Land Agriculture, hoping that it provides you with all the information you need. Our faculty is considered one of the cornerstones of the university; concerned with training and upgrading national cadres to push forward the wheel of development and progress in all fields. We are also offering our services, consultations and researches in agriculture, urban planning, defence and exchanging our expertise with the rest of the world.

Our well-reputed faculty was established as a specialized institute in studying meteorology and arid land, affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and Aviation as it was tasked to provide the Kingdom with the information related to meteorology to serve navigation and aviation processes, both civil and military. Then our faculty went through a stage of development that resulted in a number of unique specializations that attract specialists from all over the Arab World, especially in the fields of environment, water resources and arid land agriculture. Our faculty always does its best to upgrade its curricula in all stages: Bachelor, masters and PH.D .

This site contains information about our teaching staff’s researches and projects, in addition to our potentialities including the Agricultural Research Station in Hada Al Sham, the Central Laboratory of Environment and the Mobile Meteorology Station and other projects. At the end, I would like to deeply thank everybody who participated in designing and upgrading this site.

Whenever you face difficulties or have suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me on awagdani@kau.edu.sa


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