Regulations and guidelines (Graduate Studies)


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General Guidelines

- Students must meet drop AND add deadlines.

- Students may register for a minimum of six credit hours, and a maximum of nine credit hours.

- To continue their studies, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.75.

- Students must start working on their dissertation topic as soon as they begin registering for graduate degree courses.

- Students should submit their dissertation proposal after completing 50% of their courses.

- Students must fill, sign and submit a number of forms to the Department by specific deadlines – otherwise, these forms would be of no significance.

- When dropping courses or getting a leave of absence, students must make sure before the end of the semester that the transaction has been finalized by the concerned KAU authorities.

- Continual follow up with the Department is necessary for pursuing studies.

- Constant ongoing contact with the dissertation advisor will help students complete their studies by the required date.

-Whenever students acquire an official leave of absence, they must submit their address and contact numbers to the Department, the academic advisor and dissertation advisor.

- Students should read the unified Saudi Universities’ Graduate Studies Statutes issued in 1418 H. in order to acquaint themselves with all graduate studies procedural and executive guidelines.

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